My name is Anna Westerly (my stage name); I trained as an actor and read Theology at university.

I find the arts increasingly important in understanding the world we live in and those around us.  There is a paradox at play, I believe, which is the fact that the stage and screen are areas which offer platforms for honesty, and sometimes more truth than can be explored in ‘real’ life itself.  The world of ‘pretend’ is at times more truthful than the world of non-pretend.  Although aren’t we all actors anyway trying to survive in a world desperately in need of truthful searching for itself?…

Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.  Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.  Oscar Wilde

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  1. Beautifully put…the hiding behind masks is something we all do and in this blog genre it is very easy for us to ‘play parts’ so I hope ur blog will help remind all to stay real. Even your mask ‘photo’ is fabulous. It’s funny /sad how people can feel frightened by their real self being seen and known…seated in fear of rejection and belief that the real me isn’t lovable… you think the ‘first mask’ in a story was the one worn by ‘Adam and Eve’ when they hid behind the fig leaves? Thanks for visiting my site

    • Thank you for visiting mine. What you say is so interesting and I had not thought of the Adam and Eve suggestion – yes I think this could be the case. You’ve sugested a good metaphor/symbol, thanks again for your ideas and making me think. Here’s to staying real…

      • Thanks for your reply…it was you who got me thinking, with your wonderful post.
        You had me caught when you stated you are studying theology.
        I also thkyu for visiting my blog, i really appreciare it. Regards

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  3. I’m interested in what you’re saying about: ‘… aren’t we all actors anyway trying to survive in a world desperately in need of truthful searching for itself?…’ It’s like the Buddhist sense of a constructed ‘self’ that has no actual reality. To find the Truth it’s necessary to see the ‘mask’ for what it is? Thanks for posting.

  4. Hi Anna, thank you for liking my blog enough to follow, I really appreciate it 🙂 Great quote from Oscar Wilde and so true. Oh, the masks we wear! I’ve often wondered about them, could we live without them? Perhaps, but that would mean everyone in the world would have to be honest with themselves, to become self-aware and decide to let others see their faults (that doesn’t sound like my sister to me!) 🙂
    Its great to have been in touch, Best wishes, SN

  5. Dear Anna,
    Very well spoken indeed; acting at times gives one the ability to speak the truth under the guise of an actor on stage. I think St. John Chrysostom (eloquent preacher) stated in the fourth century that on the stage, the person acting out the role of a king could in truth be an artisan whereas the artisan could actually be the king. However, both have the possibility of truly expressing themselves behind a mask. Beautifully written, I’m also very much interested in theology. Take great care and God bless

    • I’m so grateful for your thoughts and information. I am unfamiliar with this preacher – how interesting. Appreciate your interest and support. Good luck with your journey too and I hope you enjoy the blog.

  6. Thank you for your visit, Anna. You have an interesting and varied blog. You have certainly raised some thought provoking issues. Indeed there are many in our society who are marginalised and vulnerable. They do need our understanding and prayers. Best wishes. Iris

    • Thank you so much for your interest in my posts, and your insightful comments on masks (and dancing!). Some of my writing is perhaps ‘deep’ and I never know how it’s received so I really appreciate your thoughts, and glad it has some meaning for you. Best wishes, Anna

  7. Agree that in a world dominated by huge privately owned media interests the questions of truth is not central… it seems posturing. ….pretence….and im plied, meanings are always In play and the truth is missed….seemingly confused….and not central at all. Skepticism is a vital necessity and use of critical evaluation techniques absolutely necessary to get at what is really important and actually happening.

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