Everything Is Connected


I have an interest in physical theatre – both participating and watching it.  It earths you.  The workshop I recently attended focussed on movement and meditation.  It involved various simple movement exercises such as standing in a circle and throwing a ball to other people in the circle.  We were simply asked to pass and catch.  We realised very soon though that is was not so simple – that we were sorry, embarrassed or annoyed when we dropped a ball.  Some of us found it funny; some of us were cross and felt we had failed; some of us felt responsible when the person we threw it to did not catch.

We then discussed how we feel when we drop bigger balls in life – the ball of relationships, the ball of responsibility at work, the ball of ‘keeping it all together’.  We discussed how so often we worry too much over actions which actually do not matter – yet do not worry over actions that do matter.  We are told by society that certain actions are important when actually they are not – it is so terribly important that we run as fast we we can in life to achieve as much as we can and never mind the implications on others.  Whether in the world of business, investment, trade or academia there are too many of us intent on getting to the top at the expense of others.  Treat people badly but no matter as you will achieve what you want.  Just get to your destination and ignore the journey (which is probably more enjoyable and enlightening anyway but you’re running so fast you don’t notice or don’t care).

Consider VAT.  The tax we all pay on most items and services in the UK.  It stands for ‘value added tax’ but in life, our actions or non action could be called ‘value added tension’.  When we pass something on to someone – e.g. a piece of work we’ve worked on, we pass it on feeling some responsibility I guess, hoping we’ve done our best and that it will be appreciated.  But, there is nothing more we can do so like the ball in the game, we should just pass it on and not worry perhaps.  However, when we pass on the world to the next generation we have much less concern on what we pass on.  It is strange I find.  We care less for something that actually matters more.

cloud atlas

In the film ‘Cloud Atlas’, we see the major message of the film is that everything is connected.  Actor Tom Hanks who stars in it says ‘It’s above my pay grade to say what’s going on beyond this life but I embrace the mystery of it all.  And as a layman who studies history, I am firm in my belief that the human condition throughout the history of the world has never evolved until someone did the right thing, which is a version of saying “it’s important the karma you put out right now because it’s going to affect eternity.”

It is a great thing that film and theatre can remind us of the priorities in life – I don’t think many people listen to their message but at least it is being said.  The film ‘A Late Quartet’, focussing on music, rightly suggests that music is not separate from life.  It is not just something experienced in the concert hall and then forgotten.  Like great fiction, it is a drama that draws from and is inspired by the choatic nature of our lives.

A Late Quartet

We ignore what we think is unimportant and sooner or later it will come back to bite us.  Modern business and academia does not invite us to live ethical lives that care about other living beings.  Ego is the name of game.  Well one day, the ball we throw out that should have been thrown with more care and value will come right back and hit us much harder.

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  1. Hi Anna, I enjoyed this article tremendously, very salient points about the nature of life as we have made it and the importance of the message this article portray’s is something which we should all listen to. At the moment I too feel ‘mankind’ is on a collision course with disaster and needs to be more self aware and honest with itself. I feel the selfishness and reluctance of people in seeing the truth about how we behave to the planet and each other will ultimately be our downfall.
    It is so important for ‘us’ to see this and the more this message is embraced and acted upon, the better our chances of survival as a species. I feel the medium of the arts is integral in promoting this message but we need to approach this problem from every angle we can, to achieve the level of honesty and understanding about ourselves that we need to continue to live on this planet without ruining everything on it. Thank you very much and my best wishes, James 🙂

    • Hi James, I’m so grateful for your comment and really glad you enjoyed this. It is such a shame we are in such a mess as it needn’t be like this with just a few changes from everyone but while people believe they are not part of the issue nothing will change. All we can do is spread the word in as many different ways as we can as you say – the arts being one. Best wishes to you too and my thanks again, Anna

  2. Such a wonderful post. I found the ball exercise particularly interesting as I once participated in something very similar in a Tai Chi class. We passed a ball around in a circle nonstop for quite a while in silence and then afterwards the teacher talked about how such a group exercise can sometimes create a form of energy.

  3. This is a basic the Christian message – every little action counts and we are all connected – do not judge on external criteria of success. At least St Therese of Lisieux would agree. Am thinking of writing a book about all of this – which has been going around inside me for some time! – thanks for posting – it’s always beautiful to see something genuinely transcendent! 🙂

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