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The working animals that keep the humans alive


As Christmas is in the air, let’s not forget those for whom there will be no magic, no glitz and in some cases, no food.  I’m talking of the humans, but I’m also talking of the animals who are the lifeline for them.  They are their transport, their income, their companion, and often not treated with any respect or empathy – either out of ignorance, or out of cruelty.

There are thousands of charities asking for your help through buying their Xmas cards, gifts, donating and many other things.  Many of those charities are run by one person trying to make a difference to lives elsewhere – one of those charities is

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust

This is an amazing charity.

Many peoples’ responses to charities is that it’s a drop in the ocean – well, it takes many drops to make an ocean and if everyone had that attitude there would be no ocean.

It’s very easy to make a difference if everyone does something small – you can’t change the world but you can change the world for one person, or one animal…or both, if you understand how one needs the other.