With many thanks


My heartfelt thanks to Leanne at http://mindfulness4now.wordpress.com for nominating me for the Lovely Blog Award and Reader Appreciation Award.  Leanne’s blog is wonderful.

I am new to blogging and have learnt a lot and enjoyed reading many other blogs; I’m grateful for the support from other bloggers and to know that there are others interested in the things that interest me.

Here goes for 7 facts about me:

1) I love music (all styles) and play violin in an orchestra, and piano and oboe privately.

2) I really enjoy singing in a choir.

3) I love animals.

4) I love the theatre – plays and musicals alike.

5) I love the British countryside, I do like the north of England and Scotland particularly.

6) I have enjoyed exploring the USA over recent years; I love Oregon.

7) I spent some time in Poland and Ghana in 2003 and 2004; it was an emotional journey which I find hard to put down on paper.

There are so many super blogs out there – here are some of the ones that I think are excellent – http://

1) mindfulacting.org

2) mindfulness4now.wordpress.com

3) wellcallmecrazy.wordpress.com

4) thoughtsontheatre.wordpress.com

5) prefessionsforpeace.com

6) thewhyaboutthis.com

7) lanternpost2012.wordpress.com

8) belindaclaushuis.wordpress.com

9) mountainmae.com

10) momentswithmillie.wordpress.com

11) revelationsinwriting.wordpress.com

12) oakworld.wordpress.com

13) candidprescence.wordpress.com

14) mybeautifulthings.wordpress.com

15) frivolousmonstors.wordpress.com

16) poetrycurator.wordpress.com

17) onethousandsingledays.com

18) realwomanshealth.wordpress.com

19) morningstaranddilbert.wordpress.com

20) utesmile.wordpress.com

21) amayaellman.wordpress.com

22) lesleycarter.wordpress.com

23) manipolphotoblog.wordpress.com

24) cristianmihai.net/category/blog

I finish the post with a picture of Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland – one of my favourite places.  I recommend swimming in the sea here – though it is cold it makes you feel alive…

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  2. Congrats on the awards 🙂 I’m really enjoying reading your blog, just wanted to let you know, cheers and best wishes, SN.

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