It’s not all about the winners


It’s dispiriting to know that UK Sport will only fund the sports in this country which are likely to produce medals in the 2016 Olympics in Rio.  What does that say other than ‘in life, you will be supported and congratulated if you are a winner.  If you try your best but are not ‘the best’, then tough.’

Anyway, how do you assess ‘the best’?  To me, being the best is being the best you can be as yourself.  The division between losing and winning is crude and dangerous – if the government are not careful, Sport will become so competative in schools that you’ll get children believing that because they don’t win, they are not worth anything.

Mo Farah has the right idea.  He’s used his high profile status to alert the UK government to the growing hunger in Africa…one winner highlighting the plight of millions in the world who are far from winning their battle.  And they cannot win because the race they have is against climate change and war – elements far greater than them.

So, before we go too far in saying how everyone can control their destiny and that hard work will pay off in the end, for many it will but Mo would be the first to say that had it not been for people around him encouraging him to be the best he could be, he would not be a winner.  Let’s get that part right first – millions of people in the world will not win their battle with life but it would be good if the governments of the world can manage a silver or gold medal in compassion, and not focus solely on those who don’t struggle.

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My name is Anna Westerly. I trained as an actor and find the arts more important than ever in making the most of life and understanding others. I find increasingly the stage and screen as a way of seeing life as it really is - there is a lot of honesty in these 'pretend' settings - an interesting paradox which I explore on Open Platforms, my blog, amongst other topics.

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