Finding Ourselves in The Other… via The Olympics


It’s taken me a while to sum up my thoughts about the ‘Olympic experience’ but there is something about the shapes projected throughout these Games.  They were all inclusive and made one feel embraced – apart from the fact that the Games did embrace by their very nature.  The Closing Ceremony in particular produced very welcoming, awesome shapes on Sunday night – from the towering figure of the Phoenix that hovered over the descending Flame:

….to the athletes collected within the triangles of the GB flag which lit the stadium floor:

…to the fireworks at both ceremonies which warmly embraced, and to the athletes themselves displayed on various posters:

There’s been much said about the Olympics – most of it positive and this it deserves.  It does feel as though there is a different…don’t know the word…air, over London, as if the rings and their power is within our midst.  I don’t know if that feeling will remain, but it is worth remembering that unity which embraces difference, in a variety of ways, can exist.

About openplatforms

My name is Anna Westerly. I trained as an actor and find the arts more important than ever in making the most of life and understanding others. I find increasingly the stage and screen as a way of seeing life as it really is - there is a lot of honesty in these 'pretend' settings - an interesting paradox which I explore on Open Platforms, my blog, amongst other topics.

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  1. “but it is worth remembering that unity which embraces difference, in a variety of ways, can exist.” This is also something which touched me and gave me hope, unity in diversity is possible, as you say. We need moments like this which point to the possibilities, and the feeling won’t last, but I think holding on to the memory does, and that continues to inspire our striving. Thanks for your post.

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